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St Clements is a non traditional University established for 20 + years. 

There are numerous FREE world class online courses from the best providers including those on,,,,, and more..See more on and you would observe that many famous universities and institutions provide their best courses online, for free!

This online learning system is a new concept by integrating our courses with what is the best content provider in the world. We accept credits transfer from subjects learned from these providers when students prove they have learned that subject either by their certificate of completion, and/or completing our assessment.

Enrollment is free, and students pay upon completion of 1st subject. When you register, you would be given access to your registered course.

Degree will be issued when all assessment including the thesis/projects are  completed according to University requirement.

Currently we only offer the following courses online, supported by St Clements Hong Kong Center

1. Bachelor of Business Management (click here) USD$8000

2. Executive Master of Business Administration (click here) USD$8000

2.1. Certified A.I. Manager (University credit bearing certificate with IBM certificate. Also Certified AI Manager title of Institute of Management Specialist UK. One month to complete.) (click here) USD$1250

2.2 Certified Innovation Manager (click here) USD$1250

2.3 Certified Professional Manager (click here) USD$1250

2.4 Certified Supply Chain Manager (click here) USD$1250

2.5 Certified AI Manager SDGs (click here) USD$1250


3. International Master of Business Administration

   ( 課程適合大中華區 ) (click here) USD$8000

4. Doctor of Business Administration (click here) USD$19000(scholarship included)

5. Master of business administration in Design Thinking


Upon completion of our EMBA and certificate course of Virginia University with details above, graduates can apply for EMBA of SCPU Business School as well as
MBA major in Design Thinking of UNEM (Dual Master degree, add USD$4000)

6. Master of Management major in Sustainability


Upon successful completion of our EMBA and Mastertrack certificate of Michigan University, graduate can get our EMBA and Master of Management major in Sustainability of UNEM (dual Master degree add USD$4000)

7. Honorary Post (click here)

Available to top level business and academics contributing to University programs. Email us for more details.


Payment method and Schedule for items 1 - 5 :

Payment by Paypal or cheque to St Clements Hong Kong Center

First payment 50%

Final payment 50% within 1 year


The thesis (final) part is guided by Hong Kong professors of


Telephone 852 - 2972 2319


St Clements MBA and DBA courses have been running in Hong Kong and China from 2006. Some of the activities of alumni on