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Executive Master of Business Administration


Students can apply credit exemption if they have studied similar courses by submitting assignments completed and proof of learning achievement. The MOOC courses in all subjects are linked to high quality course suppliers. These are recommended study and students can propose alternatives, and get approval from University. Upon completion of all subjects and completing the final thesis, students will get the Master degree.

Course Requirements:

The following United Kingdom Professional Bodies recognise this MBA for:- 

Fellow of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK)
Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists (UK)
Fellow of the Institute of Manufacturing (UK)
Fellow of the Academy of Executives & Administrators (UK)
Fellow of the Academy of Multi-Skills (UK)
Fellow of Professional Business & Technical Management (UK)
Full Member of the Society of British Business (UK)

These bodies are all listed in the publication British Qualifications as United Kingdom professional awarding bodies. Some have reciprocal membership agreements with other Commonwealth professional bodies.

Total cost of degree: USD$8000
Cost of Graduate certificate by completing 6 introductory courses: USD3800.
Payment would be by 2 installments. One upon registration, balance within 6 months and before completion of final thesis.

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