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Bachelor of Applied Management

The Bachelor of Applied Management is designed for managers to develop their management and vocational education skills.

The First Stage will provide the students with general management skills. The Second Stage will develop their technical skills in the fields they are working in, while the Third Stage will expand their core Finance Marketing and HR knowledge and apply it to their work organisations needs.

Stage I - Diploma of Management

The Diploma of Management is flexible and open, providing choice of which common skills are required and by allowing skills to be included from basically any industry area.

Subject List - All 8 Subjects to be completed


Manage operational plan

Students would be given open book examination for each subject. For BSBMGT515A:

a. In your experience, what are the important factors in implementing an operational plan

b. Give examples of how you have successfully implemented operational plans for a business, department or section

c. How have you demined the human resource and other physical resource requirements for your business needs and acquired these resources?


Manage personal work priorities and professional development

a.       Discuss an example of how you have adapted your work plan when a factor beyond your control conflicted with the completion of a personal work activity. What factors contributed to the disruption and how did you replan your schedule?

b.      B. What have you done to ensure your personal work performance meets your organizations’s standards for quality and customer service?

c.       Discuss how you self-reflect on your work performances and how you plan and record your professional development


Ensure a safe workplace

a.       Outline how you have kept up-to-date with occupational health and safety legislation, regulation and industry practice

b.      Discuss how you have identified and recorded hazards and risks within the workplace

c.       Discuss risk control within your workplace. Outline procedures for implementing controls and monitoring risks

d.      Discuss the methods of consultation that you have used with your work groups to manage OH & S hazards within the workplace. How was this information used to ensure safety in the workplace?

e.       How would you identified the safety training needs of staff: What did you do to facilitate training?

f.        How have you maintained OH &S records within your work team? Why was maintaining this information important?


Manage quality customer service

a.       Discuss a recommendation you made to management to improve on meeting customers needs. What methods did you use to assess customer needs?

b.      Outline your organizsation’s Customer Service Standard. How do you monitor how effectively the Standard is applied in the workplace?

c.       How does your organization promote and encourage good customer service


Manage projects

a.       Discuss an example of a project you have managed and how you formulated your project plan. Define the project scope and outline the project plan

b.      In administering a project plan, demonstrate how you administered and monitored the project. How did you manage risk?

c.       What information have you collected to finalise the project and conduct the final review of a project: How was it used to plan for future projects?


Manage effective workplace relationships

a.       Discuss how you have gathered information and then circulated that information within the workplace.

b.      Discuss the methods that you have used to develop trust and positive relationships with co-workers, customers and suppliers

c.       Consider the networks that you belong to. How have you developed networks and how did you maintain those networks?

d.      Describe the processes that you have used to deal with conflict and/or difficult situations among staff



Facilitate Continuous Improvement

a.       How have you contributed to continuous improvement in your workplace?

b.      How have you ensured system reviews are used to improve customer service?

c.       How have you ensured all staff are involved in continuous improvement in their day-to-day activities?



Ensure Team Effectiveness

a.       What skills and qualities do you consider that a manager needs to possess to effectively develop a team?

b.      How have you developed team cohesion in your workplace?

c.       What communications strategies have you used to ensure effective teamwork?

d.      What do you think are the most important factors in developing effective teamwork and why?

e.       Discuss a learning plan you have been involved in developing for yourself or a member of your team. How were the learning and development requirements of the individual identified?

f.        How have your ensured learning activities meet the identified needs?

g.      Explain the monitoring process your organization uses



Stage II – Electives - 8 to be selected from the following:

1. Strategic Management

2. The Dynamics of Leadership

3. Management Information Systems for Business

4. Advance Finance for Decision Makers

5. Marketing Management in Business

6. Customer Focus for Strategic Adventage

7. Leadership Skills Managing

8. Risk in Business

Plus any other subject deemed relevant by the Course Director

Course material are listed on after you register.

Research Methodology used in the above Independant Study Programs will also be assessed.

The candidate will be examined in these subjects by the writing of three 8000 – 10,000 word thesis. An online tutor would be assigned to guide student through the process.

The benefits of this route is the diploma graduates can have option to getting graduated in other UK Universities.

At Present the ATHE has specific agreements with the following UK universities:

- Anglia Ruskin University 
- Southampton Solent University 
- University of Sunderland London Campus 
- Northampton University 
- Coventry University 
- Cardiff Metropolitan University 
- Bolton University 
- University of Bedfordshire 
- Prince Edward Island University

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